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Kwang Sung Electric Industry Co., Ltd. is evolving by finding the change mechanism like a biological mutant in a whirlpool. Our company owns some qualified and efficient products such as LED bulb, LED down light, and dining table lighting. LED bulb is a solid-state lamp that is used for LEDs as the source of light. The LED bulb also replaces old incandescent lighting that has lit up homes and businesses the world over. Moreover, LED down light is integrated into one-body type by the existing Down Light and DC LED. The LED down light is formed by one-body of heat dissipation structure. This LED down light is eco-friendly as well as high efficient product. In addition, dining table lighting is for arrangement of dining, and for feeling of great comfort in the place. The great dining table lighting allows furnishing and fittings to display its best view. The table lighting also needs to be from the ceiling, glare, free, and dimmable.